• Design Drawings and Specifications
  • Assistance in or Coordination of Tender Call
  • Supervision and Inspection of Installation, Commissioning, and Owner Instruction
  • Building Systems Comparative Analysis and Long Term Energy Savings Calculations
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Recommissioning of Existing Facilities and Systems
  • Third Party Specialists (act directly for Owner)


We provide mechanical and electrical consulting engineering services for the construction industry including municipal, institutional/schools, health care, public facilities, industrial, commercial, retail.   Mechanical engineering services include Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Controls, Plumbing and Fire Protection.  Electrical engineering services include Power, Lighting, Life Safety and Communications.




  • Site assessment to determine existing building conditions if required
  • Heat loss and heat gain calculations
  • Prepare AutoCAD design drawings and specifications with a complete scope of work
  • Prepare budget costs upon request using our experience from similar installations
  • Other applicable load calculations
  • Confirm compliance to ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Standard if required
  • Coordinate incoming services
  • Coordinate with authorities as required



  • Carry out the actual retrofit ourselves based on the engineering documentation provided
  • This section would not proceed until all items are discussed and agreed.(Choosing the method of retrofit would be in lieu of tendering)
  • Manage the complete retrofit installation using local installation expertise, and as much localsupply as possible
  • Be directly responsible for the final commissioning and balancing of all systems
  • Train all staff in the operation and maintenance of the new systems
  • Analyze the savings and compare the actual to the projected savings
  • Carry out the guaranteed performance review with third party independent analysis, if andwhere required



  • Assist in the tendering process – tender forms, bonding requirements and qualifications
  • Assist in or coordinate pretender meetings, addenda and the closing
  • Analysis of the tender forms, prices, qualifications, alternatives, and bonding references
  • Assistance in the award of the contract and the issuance of the contract documents



    • Review shop drawings
    • Supervise the total installation
    • Supervision of the commissioning and the balancing
    • Ensure satisfactory Owner instruction of the equipment and systems
    • Review all final documentation, balance reports, commissioning reports, maintenance manual and as-built drawings

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